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1:  It’s not quite the morning after The Night Before - it’s five days later, and Dave has just arrived home from his miserable Christmas in Dublin with Jenny’s family.
Not even a message on the answering machine from Tony asking Dave to come for a ‘drink and a ruby’ cheers him up...
2:  Mickey Webb arrives in the office, and seems very cheerful. He passes Trev. “All right Tom? Nice Christmas?” he beams.
“Expensive, Mick,” Trev replies.
3:  Mickey even has a Christmas present for Duncan, a bottle of 10-year-old single malt. What’s come over him? He even apologises for spoiling Duncan’s Christmas, leaving him to cover CID on Christmas Day.
“Who are you?” Duncan asks. “You look like you and you sound like you, but I’ve never heard you saying sorry before!”
It looks like Webbo’s undergone some sort of religious experience, he’s actually being nice!
4:  Polly sits alone, by the phone... She picks it up and starts to dial a number (guess who?), but chickens out...
5:  Dave goes into the bathroom and tries to call Polly, but Jenny doesn’t give him any peace. He has to abandon the attempt to call.
6:  Duncan and Mickey have been called to the department store - Lizzie, the assistant, rather hoped Smithy have come along - she hasn’t been able to call him and says she thinks he’s avoiding her.
She shows them a tape from a demonstration video camera in the electrical department - it shows the two oddball security guards appearing to threaten Santa...
Duncan says that doesn’t really help, but the New Webbo thanks Lizzie profusely.
7:  At the supermarket, Jenny goes back to the shop to fetch some rice, leaving Dave with a window of opportunity to phone Polly...
On her way out, Polly hears the phone, but by the time she answers Jenny has returned and Dave hangs up. He tells Jenny he was calling Tony.
8:  Polly calls back...
9:  Dave answers his phone, and pretends that he’s speaking to Tony. When Jenny asks to speak to Tony, he hangs up, saying it’s a dodgy signal...
10:  In the canteen, Mickey saunters in telling Duncan he’s managed to trace Santa, Nicky Norris. He’s also come over all sentimental about Fraser, their shoplifter.
Duncan wonders why Mickey has changed his mind. “So now, just because you finally agree that there’s something dodgy about this case, I’ve got to drop everything and go and talk to Father Christmas?”
“In a nutshell, yes.”
“This new Mickey Webb’s getting on my nerves.”
11:  On the way out, Mickey tries to worm his way into Kate Spears’ good books by paying for her lunch - but she isn’t interested. She points out that it’ll take a lot more than a salad bap to achieve that, and tells him to put his money away before she sticks it somewhere painful.
12:  Polly and Dave meet in the corridor...
“How was Ireland?” Polly asks.
Polly tells Dave she thought he’d have phoned her when he was away, but he says he couldn’t this morning was the first chance he got. “What was you going to say?” Polly asks.
Polly and Cass turn the corner and Dave turns the conversation to Ireland - and tells them that it was great.
Then Ben interrupts, but Polly shoos him away. They’ll have to talk later...
13:  Duncan and Mickey head out to talk to Santa, who’s now in a panto. Mickey even offers to let Duncan drive.
“You’re beginning to freak me out,” Duncan laughs. “The last person to change this much over Christmas was Ebeneezer Scrooge.”
Mickey tells Duncan why he changed - he saw his dad over Christmas, all alone, and realised he didn’t want to end up like that.
14:  As the relief head out on patrol, Nick has a word with Andrew Monroe about The Ellcott Arms - he wants Andrew to see if he can persuade the landlord to let them in again. Andrew agrees to go and see Alan Barrett, saying that if he tells him how the Christmas party ended up he might think they’ve suffered enough.
“I could come with you,” Reg offers.
“No,” Matt, Nick and Andrew say simultaneously.
15:  Out in the yard, Ben has to go in to fetch his mobile phone. Dave comes over to the panda...
“Dave, I really think we should talk...” Polly begins.
There’s call to Sierra One to attend an abandoned 999 call. Dave has to respond...
16:  Dave hops into the Area Car and Vicky backs out... and backs into Polly, who’s also backing out. If you see what I mean...
Polly actually stopped the car before there was contact, but Vicky didn’t.
17:  There’s not much damage - the bumper of the Area Car is damaged and there’s a broken brake light or two, nothing serious. Vicky goes mad, blaming Polly for the incident.
18:  In the Ellcott Arms, Andrew approaches the bar to speak to Alan Barrett. Barrett isn’t interested at first, but Andrew notes that he’s a little short of customers now that the off-duty police have been barred.
Barrett offers Andrew a drink.
“Thanks, I’ll have a lemonade,” says Andrew.
“That’ll be £1.35 please.”
19:  As the POLAC is reported, Vicky has a go at Polly. She wants Polly to take full responsibility for the incident. Vicky claims she was stationery - liar! Polly says Ben saw everything and will back her up.
“Not if he knows what’s good for him,” Vicky snarls, striding off.
Polly grabs her “You leave him alone...”
“Take your hands off me...”
Dave interrupts them before they come to blows.
20:  Dave guides Polly into an interview room. “Dave...? So what do you want to say?”
Dave grabs Polly and kisses her.
“So it’s not over then?” she asks.
“It’s only just beginning,” Dave reads his script from the Big Book of Clichés.
They kiss again.
21:  Paul Riley is on his way to do an interview - and disturbs the happy couple. Dave makes some excuse about misplacing his pocketbook and Polly suggests trying DIU...
22:  Dave tells Polly they’re going to have to be a bit more careful.
“I’m not sure I want to be,” Polly smiles. “Come on Dave, we’ve got to sort this out. What’s going to happen to us? What’s going to happen to you and Jenny?”
“Not now, eh Poll?”
23:  Duncan and Mickey arrive at the venue for ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The doorman asks if they’re autograph hunters until they produce their warrant cards.
“We’re looking for Nicky Norris,” says Mickey.
“I can’t imagine why,” a rather flamboyant gentleman asks, appearing at the door.
24:  Andrew is now well into a game of snooker with Alan Barrett - and losing. They talk about the joys of parenthood, and how children always manage to fall in to the wrong crowd. Barrett tells Andrew about his son’s visit at Christmas, and how they rowed - and says he hit Karl to get the name of the drug dealer that supplied his friends.
Andrew asks Barrett if he’ll give him them name...
25:  Duncan and Mickey find Nicky Norris on stage, discussion something with one of the technicians.
“We saw a video Mr Norris,” says Mickey. “And you were in it.”
“They promised me they’d only be sold in Holland!” Norris snaps. Oops...!
They go into the corridor to talk about the department store and tell Norris about the video they saw. Norris tells them that the security guards were threatening him, and told him to go to the police and tell them the story about the skinhead. He’s clearly terrified of the security guards.
26:  Norris goes up to the dressing room, breaking down in tears. Mickey hands him a handkerchief. “Don’t want you to ruin your make-up, do we?”
Norris says that you don’t need make-up when you’re the rear end of a pantomime cow. “It’s a job!” he sniffs. “It’s still show business!”
“Oh yeah,” Mickey smiles. “And there’s no business like it.”
The gentleman they met at the stage door comes in - as the pantomime dame. He tells Mickey he’s managed to get them some tickets for tonight, but they decline the offer.
Duncan tells him that Mickey turns into a pumpkin if he doesn’t get home by midnight...!
27:  As Polly and Ben head out, Ben asks what’ll happen about the crash. Polly explains that the garage sergeant will file his report, and they could get ‘points’ on their licences. They’re not ‘real’ penalty points, but if Vicky gets enough of them it could stop her being a police driver.
“Which would really upset her,” Polly beams.
“Have you got any points already?” Ben asks.
“No, I’m a good girl.”
“That’s not what I’ve heard,” says Ben.
“What? What’ve you heard?”
“I was joking, Poll.”
“Well next time make it funny.”
28:  Andrew passes the name of the drug dealer to Ice Queen McAllister, but she doesn’t really seem interested. Paul Riley lets it slip that he saw Smithy arresting Karl Barrett as well - McAllister says he was in the area checking out the location for an obbo for a top-secret case.
As Andrew leaves, McAllister crumples up the piece of paper Andrew handed her.
29:  Vicky and Dave arrive to assist Nick and Tony with some drunks outside a pub. Vicky’s still bitching about Polly crashing into her, when Polly and Dave emerge from the pub with a ‘body’. Polly tells Tony to go in and give Ben a hand with another drunk.
30:  Dave and Polly put their prisoner in the van, then get cosy. Dave kisses her - they decide that the drunk won’t be able to remember anything. Polly says that it isn’t a very romantic location...
“What’re you doing a the end of your shift?” Polly asks.
“Having dinner with you - just the two of us,” Dave replies.
They sink to the floor.
31:  Vicky wonders where Dave and Polly are, and heads over to the van. She throws open the doors and Dave and Polly scramble to their feet - Dave comes up with a story about the drunk taking a swing at Polly. Vicky points out that the drunk looks pretty peaceful to her.
“You should’ve seen him before he passed out,” says Polly.
“Yeah? Wish I’d got here a bit sooner...”
32:  Up In CID, Ice Queen calls a DS from Area Drugs and gives him the name that Andrew gave her. She really doesn’t want anyone from Sun Hill to get a good result, does she?
33:  Mickey and Duncan have decided to nick the two security guards at the department store, and go to Andrew to ask for a few PCs for backup.
Smithy says he can’t help, saying that he has a lot of follow-ups to do before he knocks off. Cass opens her mouth to volunteer, but Smithy drags her away.
34:  Smithy has his reasons for avoiding the department store - he’s ‘finished’ with Lizzie, but hasn’t told her yet. He even spent Christmas with her and the family and it seems as if she got close to asking him to marry her!
“She’ll get the ’int,” he says. “She had a good time. Quite a few, in fact...”
35:  Duncan and Mickey arrive at the department store, and prepare to make their move bang on 6:30, at closing time.
Vicky goes to the office to monitor the CCTV with Lizzie, Smithy’s girl. Dve and Polly go with Mickey, and Ben goes with Duncan.
36:  As Ice Queen prepares to go home, Paul apologises to her for nearly putting his foot in it with Andrew Monroe. She tells him there’s no harm done, then answers a call from the DS from Area Drugs. It looks like she’s got a date with him.
Poor man...
37:  Vicky and Lizzie locate the two security guards on the CCTV. Mickey calls Duncan. “Mr Lennox, are you free?”
“I’m freeeeee!” Duncan replies, heading into ‘curtains and cushions’.
38:  Duncan and Ben move in for their arrest. Des the security guard radios Steve the other security guard to warn him, then tries to flee. He doesn’t get far, and has a nice soft landing on a conveniently placed pile of cushions before being arrested.
39:  The other security guard gives them a bit more trouble, managing to slip into a lift. Bed and Bedding is another handy department to arrest someone - Polly and Dave landing on top of the security guard on a bed.
40:  Before they go down to search the security men’s lockers, Vicky notices Dave and Polly sitting on the bed, talking. She asks Lizzie to zoom in - and notices Polly putting her hand on Dave’s leg...
41:  Polly wants to enjoy their moment alone while they can, but Dave is nervous. Polly says she doesn’t like keeping it a secret, and wants Dave to tell Jenny. Dave kisses Polly...
42:  Ben goes into the office and Lizzie quickly turns off the CCTV monitors. He’s looking for Vicky...
43:  “What do I say?” Dave asks Polly, staring into space.
“That you think you made a mistake,” Polly suggests. “If that is what you think.”
“Yeah... I should never have married her...”
“Why did you?” Polly asks.
“I loved her... I thought I did.”
“And now?”
“I love you.”
44:  “361 from 740, receiving.”
Polly and Dave are disturbed by Ben’s call and decide they’d better get a move on.
Vicky emerges from a nearby doorway, staring after the happy couple. “Go ahead.”
45:  A search of the lockers reveals a bloody screwdriver. Des says ‘no comment’, and blames Steve for hitting the other shop assistant.
46:  The Ice Queen’s is patiently waiting in the pub for her date, but he doesn’t show. She gets a call on her mobile (with a particularly irritating ring tone) to hear that he’s nicked the dealer she gave him and can’t make it tonight.
She joins Paul and Gnome who’ve just come in. “Mine’s a G&T,” she tells Paul.
Oh I hate her...
47:  Tony passes Polly in the corridor. “Hello Poll - I haven’t seen you all day!”
“It’s been a busy one,” Polly tries to smile.
“So how’re things?” Tony asks. “I haven’t seen you since Christmas, I was beginning to get paranoid.” Nick tells Tony to get a move on, and Tony snaps at him. “Why don’t you get a move on, I’m talking to Polly.” Nick beats a hasty retreat.
“You didn’t have to snap at him, Tone...”
“I just want some privacy.”
48:  “What for?” Polly asks.
“You and me... I thought we were... you know...”
“Nothing,” Tony says, barely audibly. “I’ll see you later.”
Tony turns round.
“Nothing,” says Polly, walking away...
49:  Out in the yard, Andrew tells Vicky that he’s spoken to the garage sergeant and it looks like this is going to count as an offence.
“But this is all down to Polly....!” Vicky snarls.
“Not according to her,” says Andrew.
“What did she say!?”
“You’ll have to ask the sergeant...”
“Two-faced bitch!” Vicky strides into the station, telling Tony to ‘piss off’ on the way.
50:  Vicky finds Polly in the kitchen. “You know we’re going to get points!?” she snaps.
“I’ll re-phrase that - for you smashing up the Area Car I’m going to get points.”
“Yeah, so am I,” says Polly.
“But it won’t make any difference to your career.”
Vicky tries to get Polly to go and see Andrew Monroe and tell him it was her fault, but she refuses.
51:  Duncan and Mickey go to see their shoplifting friend in prison, and pass on the good news - he’ll probably be released by tomorrow.
Fraser doesn’t seem too thrilled that he’s not being charged with GBH and robbery. He says he wasn’t going home to Glasgow, it was just a tale to try to get sympathy. He doesn’t care about his parents -
Mickey is livid. “You know we pulled all the stops out for you?”
“What d’you want, a medal? If that’s all you’ve got to tell me I’d better get back to my cell - before my smack goes missing... I might see you tomorrow, you can catch me again.”
52:  Mickey and Duncan head out to the car - Mickey is livid, and fails to see the good side of the case. “Duncan, he lied to us - Scottish scumbag!”
“I’d be careful if I were you, Mickey,” Duncan tells him off.
“You mean I can’t mention where he’s from?” Webbo asks.
“Not if it’s irrelevant.”
Mickey doesn’t see it as irrelevant, as Fraser used that to try to win his sympathy. The old Mickey Webb we all know and love/hate is back, and wants to go to a pub.
“Welcome back,” says Duncan.
53:  Polly waits in the rec room as Dave phones Jenny to tell her he’s on a late obbo.
He turns to Polly after hanging up. “Right, where d’you want to eat?”
“My place?” Polly suggests.
They kiss...
54:  Tony goes for a drink with Vicky, and has told her about him and Polly and how he thought they were an item.
“Tony, there’s something you should know... something about Polly.”
“It’s about her and Dave, actually...”
55:  “Yeah?”
“I think.... I know that they’re having an affair.”
Tony thinks she’s joking, but she’s deadly serious. Tony’s mood changes, and accuses Vicky of trying to get her own back after the knock in the car.
“You are one twisted little bitch, d’you know that!?” Tony hisses, before walking out.
56:  Mickey and Duncan arrive for a drink, but Smithy tells Webbo to wait. Cass arrives, and tells Smithy that she had to pick up a friend. “She’s gagging for it,” she tells Smithy.
57:  Enter, Lizzie...
“Dale... Have you been avoiding me?”
58:  “Don’t be stupid,” says Smithy.
“I told you, he’s just really, really shy,” says Cass. “Drink?”
59:  Polly In Shower Scene!
Polly calls out to Dave, asking him to promise to tell Jenny tonight. “This just doesn’t feel right,” she says.
“What about this?” Dave asks, climbing into the shower beside her. “How does this feel...?”
Thankfully, we’re spared any further details...
60:  Jenny answers her door - it’s Tony. He asks if Dave’s in, but Jenny tells him he’s on an obbo.
This is news to Tony, but he doesn’t let it show. Tony excuses himself, saying it wasn’t urgent.
61:  Outside, Tony walks away, stunned. He knows, you know...
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