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monday times 19 feb 2002

Boy George makes a comeback

LONDON (Reuters) - Boy George, the pop idol of the 1980s has written the music and lyrics for "Taboo," a musical based on his own life, which had its world premiere on 29 January at a new theater in the heart of London’s West End. In it, he creates a snapshot of a time when flamboyant cross-dressers reigned supreme on the London club scene and his pop group, Culture Club, topped charts around the world. Young actor Euan Morton plays Boy George. He is a startling doppelganger for Boy George. Posing for photos in rehearsal, they could be two sides of the same mirror.
"It is weird. The first time I saw him in the make-up that was spooky," Boy George said, reflecting at the age of 40 on a lifestyle in his 20s which nearly killed him. The pop peacock with the flowing locks and sharp tongue sold 20 million albums before his heroin-induced world collapsed. It was a classic story of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, which led to two convictions, two relapses and two detoxifications. With searing honesty, Boy George recreated his fall from grace in his autobiography "Take It Like A Man."
Now, penning musicals, re-forming Culture Club, disc-jockeying around the world and even writing his own newspaper column, Boy George is making his mark once more. But has the singer who once had an affair with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss ever found true love?
"It comes and goes," he told Reuters in a break between rehearsals. "One of the things you have to accept as you get older is that love and heartbreak are two sides of the coin."

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