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bayview recprds press release

New Release: August 28, 2006

(Bayview RNBW036) Off-Broadway Cast with Nancy Anderson, Stephen Bogardus, Liz Callaway, George Dvorsky, Euan Morton and Julia Murney. Created, written and hosted by Scott Siegel. Recorded live at New York Town Hall, Monday June 14, 2004.

In 1963 David Merrick dominated Broadway, Liza Minnelli made her stage debut, and Vivien Leigh won a Tony for her performance in TOVARICH. In terms of hit musicals, it was dismal, but in terms of talent, it was a year to savor. The marquees were alight with so many film names the White Way could have been renamed Hollywood Boulevard. Treading the boards that year were not only Vivien Leigh, but Inga Svenson, Robert Horton, Jose Ferrer, and Judy Holiday, plus an illustrious trio of ‘Broadway Babies,’ Barbara Cook, Florence Henderson and Eileen Brennan, making it one helluva season. If those names weren’t enough to entice theatergoers, then the list of composers and lyricists certainly would; Lionel Bart had a huge hit with OLIVER!, Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick were critically applauded for SHE LOVES ME, as were Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones for 110 IN THE SHADE. Noel Coward premiered what turned out to be his last musical, THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER, so too did Meredith Willson with HERE’S LOVE, and Mary Rodgers and Martin Charnin had some input from Stephen Sondheim on the ill-fated HOT SPOT.

Bringing this classic year to life in our “Broadway by the Year” Town Hall concert are six highly acclaimed and award winning performers; Nancy Anderson, Liz Callaway, Julia Murney, Stephen Bogardus, George Dvorsky and Euan Morton. With stylish direction by Marc Kudisch, (making his Broadway by the Year directorial debut), witty narration by host Scott Siegel, and musical direction by the always dependable, Ross Patterson and his Little Big Band, this is one classic album.

“Among the highlights were George Dvorsky’s expectant ‘Tonight At Eight’ and Liz Callaway’s deliciously creamy ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’… Nancy Anderson offered a spicy turn on ‘I’ve Been Invited To A Party’… Euan Morton offered a tender turn with ‘Where Is Love?’ and even took Fagin’s ‘Reviewing The Situation’ for a jovial reassessment.” Robert L. Daniels, Variety

1. Consider Yourself – OLIVER (Lionel Bart) Company
2. Everything Beautiful Happens At Night – 110 IN THE SHADE (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Euan Morton
3. Tonight At Eight – SHE LOVES ME (Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick) George Dvorsky
4. I’ve Been Invited To A Party – THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER (Noel Coward) Nancy Anderson
5. Simple Little Things – 110 IN THE SHADE (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Liz Callaway
6. All For You – TOVARICH (Lee Pockriss/Anne Croswell) George Dvorsky, Julia Murney
7. Reviewing The Situation – OLIVER (Lionel Bart) Euan Morton
8. Don’t Laugh – HOT SPOT (Mary Rodgers/Martin Charnin/Stephen Sondheim) Julia Murney
9. Will He Like Me? – SHE LOVES ME (Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick) Nancy Anderson
10. Vanilla Ice Cream – SHE LOVES ME (Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick) Liz Callaway
11. Ting-A-Ling Dearie* – THE STUDENT GYPSY (Rick Besoyan) Ross Patterson Little Big Band
12. Lonely** – THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER (Noel Coward) George Dvorsky
13. Is It Really Me** – 110 IN THE SHADE (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Julia Murney
14. Uh-Oh! – TOVARICH (Lee Pockriss/Anne Crosswell) Nancy Anderson, Euan Morton
15. I’ll Remember Her – THE GIRL WHO CAME TO SUPPER (Noel Coward) Stephen Bogardus
16. You Don’t Know – HERE’S LOVE (Meredith Willson) Nancy Anderson
17. Old Maid – 110 IN THE SHADE (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Liz Callaway
18. Where Is Love? – OLIVER (Lionel Bart) Euan Morton
19. Melisande** – 110 IN THE SHADE (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) Stephen Bogardus
20. As Long As He Needs Me** – OLIVER (Lionel Bart) Julia Murney
21. Grand Knowing You – SHE LOVES ME (Jerry Bock/Sheldon Harnick) Company

* Premiere Recording
** Unplugged Performance

Musical Director: Ross Patterson
Director: Marc Kudisch
Produced for CD: Peter Pinne

Available August 28, 2006
In the U.S. @:
Bayview Records 1-310-314-6462
Footlight 1-718-963-0750
U.S. Distribution: Original Cast Records Tel: 1-888-627-3993

In England @:
Dress Circle 44-20-7240-2227
UK Distribution: Silver Sounds Tel: 44-19-9255-4418

In Australia @:
Middle Eight Music 61-3-9866-1222

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