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1) Download Quicktime Player

The latest version of Quicktime Player is required to view the videos on the site. If you haven't got it yet, click on the link below for a free download:

You will be asked to select your operating system :

select operating system

Please note that you may get a message like "could not establish a connection with Apple Public Server" or saying that you are missing important Quicktime software needed to run the application.

If that happens, try downloading the Quicktime Standalone Installer instead of doing the regular player download. The link is under the "select a language" menu, on the same page as for the other downloads (see image above).

During downloading a box may come up that says there might be a problem and asking whether you wish to cancel or ignore. Choose "ignore".

2) Install Quicktime Player

3) Choose your bandwidth

Once you have installed Quicktime player, go back to the video page and choose your bandwidth. If you've got dial-up connection, make sure you click on LOW !

4) Wait

Quicktime is NOT a streaming player: this means that you've got to WAIT until the WHOLE clip has been temporarily transferred to your computer until it actually starts playing. If you've got broadband you won't have to wait for long, but with dial-up connection it may take several minutes.

5) Enjoy your video clips !

If you're still experiencing technical problems, email the webmistress. Please give as many details as possible (such as your operating system, your browser, error messages...). Compu-virgins are welcome to email me even if they can't give any details ! ;)

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