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Caligula the musical
Caligula flyer

Featuring book, music and lyrics by Eric Svejcar, Caligula: An Ancient Glam Epic, is a glam rock musical inspired by the sound and style of the early '70s. Caligula is a hedonistic fever dream of ancient Rome at its most wild, decadent, and deadly.


The story of Caligula begins in a Rome plagued by the paranoia of its current ruler, Tiberius. Innocent citizens are routinely put to death for even the slightest suspicion of treason, and this fate eventually befalls Tiberius' own nephew, Germanicus (Sebastian Arcelus) and his wife (the excellent Shorey Walker). Their son, Caligula, and their daughter, Drusilla, are taken in by Tiberius and raised as his own children, largely because Caligula is considered a threat to the empire. As adults (Euan Morton and Brooke Sunny Moriber), Caligula and Drusilla engage in an incestuous relationship, which further blossoms after Tiberius dies and Caligula ascends to the role of emperor. Forced to take a bride (public opinion scorns the siblings' relationship), Caligula becomes despondent about his title, and after Drusilla's death, he descends into madness, violence and debauchery. He tries to make his horse a senator. He even turns the imperial palace into a whorehouse. (Source:

Click on the thumbnails below to view the Playbill in high resolution !

Caligula playbill
Caligula playbill Caligula cast Caligula music numbers

About the music

A 4-song EP of Caligula will be available shortly.  It will have Euan's solo recording of Hold You, Gilles Chiasson doing What's Wrong With the World and Stop Me If You've Heard This, and the version of A Hero's Son from the demo CD sung by Brian Golub.

Information courtesy of Eric Svejcar


Caligula was the winner of the 2004 Golden NYMFette award: this is an annual award at NYMF, a prize for Best Musical of the Festival that is based on audience poll.

Golden NYMFette
Golden NYMFette



Official sites


Selection of articles

Press release (November 2004) New musical Caligula releases politically charged song to aid voting effort (September 8th 2004) Euan Morton Stars in Caligula, Ancient Rome's Answer to Taboo, in NY Musical Festival Sept. 14-28 (September 20th 2004) Caligula review
New York Times (September 27th 2004) Before the Fall Theater Rush, a Festival Full of Song Caligula review (October 2004) A Look at the NY Musical Theatre Festival (October 15th 2004) NYMF errant



Listen to 4 songs - all performed by Euan - recorded live from the show.


On September 12th 2004 Euan was interviewed on NY1 and talked about Caligula.

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