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sondheim on sondheim flyer

Sondheim On Sondheim is an intimate portrait of the famed composer in his own words... and music. Through the use of exclusive interview footage, you'll get an inside look at Sondheim's personal life and artistic process. An ensemble cast of Broadway's best will perform brand-new arrangements of over two dozen Sondheim tunes.

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James Lapine on Sondheim On Sondheim

"[Sondheim On Sondheim] is a kind of impressionistic view of him that's put together with pieces of archival footage and interview footage. It's a collage of his life, in which who he is and how he got there comes into focus."

"Sondheim on Sondheim, which is to start previews at Studio 54 in March, is expected to feature an eight-person cast, including Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Leslie Kritzer and Michael Arden. Mr. Lapine said these performers would not be playing characters in Mr. Sondheim’s life or roles from his shows. “We’re not trying to have them be other than who they are,” he said. “It’s about interpretation and emotional points in the show itself.”

Source: Arts Beat

Sondheim on Sondheim playbill

Scans of the Sondheim on Sondheim playbill.

About Stephen Sondheim

The words "intellectual" and "Broadway musical" were seldom mentioned in the same breath until the era of Stephen Sondheim, the dominant artistic force in the American musical theater since the 1970s. Before his breakthrough show, Company, Mr. Sondheim, a protégé of Oscar Hammerstein II, was already recognized as a wunderkind for his lyrics for West Side Story (music by Leonard Bernstein) and Gypsy (Jule Styne). Company, for which he wrote both music and words in 1970, was the first of several groundbreaking collaborations with the producer-director Harold Prince. As a team they established the so-called "concept musical," in which style and story are intertwined, as a flourishing experimental genre. This multi-character mosaic, set in New York, was followed by Follies (1971), A Little Night Music (1973), Pacific Overtures (1976), Sweeney Todd (1979) and Merrily We Roll Along (1981). Each was a radical departure from its forerunner.

Follies offered brilliant pastiches of vintage Broadway styles. A Little Night Music, their waltz musical, adapted from the Ingmar Bergman movie Smiles of a Summer Night, yielded Mr. Sondheim's most famous song, Send in the Clowns. Pacific Overtures fused Western and Asian styles. Many regard the revenge tragedy Sweeney Todd, with its operatic grand guignol, as his masterpiece. Merrily We Roll Along told its show business story backwards. These were followed by several collaborations with the book writer James Lapine, of which the most famous, Sunday in the Park With George (1984), musically imitated the pointillism of the painter Georges Seurat, and won the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Into the Woods (1987) imagined beloved fairy-tale characters living unhappily ever after, and Passion (1994) examined the pathology of romantic obsession.

Source: The New York Times

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Videos of Euan in Sondheim on Sondheim (April 23rd 2010) Word of Mouth Review: Sondheim on Sondheim (April 23rd 2010) Opening Night: Sondheim on Sondheim (April 22nd 2010) BWW TV: SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM Video Preview! includes a link to a video (April 3rd 2010)
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Other videos

Interview with Roundabout Artistic Director Todd Haimes:

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Cast Album

sondheim on sondehim cast album

Sondheim on Sondheim Original Broadway Cast Recording

This album is a two-CD set and features several songs performed by Euan (listen to an audio clip here). new

Buy it on (US residents only) or on (other countries).



Official site


Sondheim sites

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The Guardian (December 9th 2000) An iconoclast on Broadway

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