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newclear header

"The album is exciting, sensual, emotional and energizing."
"This CD is like a bolt of lightning."

(Rob Lester,

Track list / Lyrics

Click on the song titles below to read the lyrics.

newclear album cover
I. NewClear (Mark Underwood)
II. Closer And Closer (Chris Judge and Greg Friel)
III. Chelsea Hotel (Dan Bern)
IV. Good Time Gone Bad (David Nehls)
V. Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
VI. Victims (Michael Craig, Roy Hay, Jonathan Moss, George O'Dowd)
VII. At This Moment (William P. McCord)
VIII. As it Began (A Lullaby) (Mark Underwood)
IX. Pie In The Sky (Kevan Frost, George O'Dowd)

Bonus track:
X. At This Moment Watch Out For That Tree mix (William P. McCord)

Produced by Euan Morton and David Nehls
In association with Mae Robertson

How to buy NewClear

• Online:

Download it from Itunes
(choose your country from the menu below):

You can also buy NewClear from: Listen to audio clips and order your copy, will ship your CDs within 24 hours ! :)

• By phone:

Call Cdbaby: 1-800-BUYMYCD (001-800-BUYMYCD for overseas customers).

• In shops:

The album is available from Colony Records, Times Square, NYC.


Euan celebrated the release of NewClear with a series of solo gigs at Joe's Pub, NYC (March 20th 2006 and April 3rd 2006, 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM):
Set list | Photos

Behind the music

Question: Congrats on your debut CD! How'd you pick these songs?
Euan Morton:

These songs picked me. Ten years ago, Mark Underwood played me "NewClear" and I loved it. For me, this album's about your environment and how it affects your place in this world and how it affects who we love and who loves us back. "NewClear" is the best thing I've ever done. The guy who mastered this used to master for Bob Dylan. A lot of my fans love Broadway, but I didn't want to make a musical theatre album. And there's no point in making a punk album that my fan base isn't gonna buy, so I made a vocalist album that shows I can do other things. When Madonna saw me in Taboo, she loved the makeup song ["Pretty Lies"] and said I should've done a whole album of that. But if I had rushed into making a CD then, it would've been someone else's album, not mine. Whereas I chose these songs. I chose the artwork. I found the money. I worked my ass off, and I'm very happy with it.

Q: You've included two Boy George tunes; why these two?

I picked "Pie in the Sky" because I've always loved it, and it was cut from the Broadway production of Taboo. It's a great radio song. And "Victims" was Rosie O'Donnell and Kelly Carpenter's idea. I'd love to send my CD to Boy George. I played him for four years and owe him a great debt of gratitude. I'm proud of Taboo, but it's also something I've happily moved on from.

Q: You've also covered Leonard Cohen's gorgeous "Hallelujah."

Jeff Buckley's version is definitive, and 25 million people have covered it, but I love it. David Nehls arranged it. God, it's a heartbreaking song about the world we live in. It's probably the cut I'm proudest of, along with "NewClear" and "As It Began." But my next album will be entirely written by me and Mark [Underwood]. He's brilliant and keeps me on the musical path I want to be on.

Read the full interview on

Press coverage

• Magazine covers:

Next magazine (February 2006) The Newclear Option with Euan on the cover

• Interviews and reviews: (March 6th 2006) The Leading Men: What Euan's Doin' interview with Euan, also includes a picture
Talkin' (March 12th 2006) another great interview with Euan !
Talkin' (March 30th 2006) Sound Advice: New, Old, Cold an EXCELLENT NewClear review :)

• Articles with photos: (March 20th 2006) Euan Morton Rocks Joe's Pub to Launch New Solo CD (March 20th 2006) Euan Morton Celebrates New CD at Joe's Pub March 20 (March 21st 2006) Photo Coverage: Euan Morton Performs Songs from Debut Album 'NewClear' at Joe's Pub

NewClear on Lufthansa

Hallelujah can be heard as part of Lufthansa's Radio Inflight Entertainment on all longhaul flights throughout the months of September and October 2006.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the images in high resolution !

Lufthansa Entertainment guide new
lufthansa scan 1
lufthansa scan 2

Special thanks to Gaby.

NewClear merchandise

Buy NewClear T-shirts, mugs and bags on !



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