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When I found out Taboo star Euan Morton was coming from Virginia/NYC to Birmingham, AL I was so excited. I contacted the venue immediately and they didn't quite know what to do with me and my emails since they hadn't had a chance to print tickets or update their website. So when New Year's Eve showed up, I didn't have a ticket. I checked the website to find the words 'SOLD OUT.' I called the venue to hear the words 'SOLD OUT.' I was SO upset. I just had to see Euan perform live. Showtime was 9pm so I showed up at 8:30pm dressed up in my Monday best with an armful of my Taboo dvds (2), Taboo cds (2) and NewClear CD to show the ticket office clerk I was a true fan and to convince him/her to let me in. Luckily I met a nice man in the lobby with an extra ticket (for sale). I bought the ticket from him, thanked him profusely, and into the VST I went.

The opening act was the Hot Tamales and even though they are very talented, I just wanted Euan to come out and perform.

Finally, the opening act finished up, left the stage, and Euan appeared in a beautiful suit and tie. With no trace of ego, and a confident, positive energy, Euan took the stage and engaged the audience from beginning to end. Between songs, Euan bantered with the audience and charmed both fans and audience members who were not familiar with him. Euan's voice, to quote George O'Dowd, was flawless - so full of emotion. His voice nearly brought me to tears.

Euan performed a variety of songs including 'Stranger In This World' (from Taboo), 'I Will Always Love You' (Dolly Parton), 'Superstar' (Carpenters), a second Carpenters tune and a Joan Armitrading song.

For his encore, Euan sang 'Hallelujah' (from his NewClear cd) and he WORKED that song - the gentle moments of the song were sung with such care and the strong moments of the song were delivered with such controlled force! In other words, he WORKED those vocals!

After Euan completed his performance and disappeared from the stage, the audience filed out and I could see their facial expressions of enjoyment and satisfaction. They had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The theatre was almost empty now but I stand in the darkness waiting for the chance to meet Euan. Lee (Euan's producer) and Mae (Euan's label owner) are looking for him to tell him I want to meet him. Luckily I was standing (on the 2nd floor of the VST) near a window and saw Euan and his (talented) pianist getting into a car. I flew down the stairs and outside into the chilly night. Euan stepped out of the car and we had a wonderful little chat. Euan saw the Taboo dvds and cds in my arms and immediately knew I was a fan.

I enjoyed Euan's VST performance very much and was even happier to have a minute to chat with him.

This was my parting comment to Euan, "Thank you Philip Salon for telling George to give the leading Taboo role to Euan!"

-Brian M in Birmingham AL (USA)

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