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Sword of honour header
Daniel Craig, Sword of honour cover

Period drama serial. During the second world war officer Guy Crouchback faces a struggle to come to terms with the carnage around him, he later finds himself in Crete having to cover the backs or relatives.


The Sword of Honour books, which were inspired by Evelyn Waugh's experiences in North Africa and Yugoslavia, were adapted by William Boyd, award-winning novelist, into this two-part television series.

Sword of Honour is the story of Guy Crouchback's heroic quest to fight for a deep moral cause ('to fight a just fight') and to reclaim his manhood after a shattering divorce from the society beauty, Virginia Troy (played by American actress, Megan Dodds-Ever After). His encounters with the absurd reality of life in the British Army, strewn with bureaucratic blunders, military debacles and indelibly funny characters, prove to be more of a challenge than facing the enemy itself. With the stories of Ludovic, a mess sergeant so desperate for a commission and gone mad from the heat of Crete that he ends up kidnapping and killing the toad-like Major Hound, and of the Canuis, an Italian Jewish couple betrayed - inadvertently by Crouchback - in the name of keeping good relations with the Yugoslav partisans, Crouchback discovers honor has its price - and that, ultimately, the British army seems to value only cowards and liars. In contrast to the bleakly farcical nature of Guy's military experience, a passionate affair with his beautiful ex-wife provokes a personal and moral crisis that tests to the limit both his undying love for Virginia and his profound sense of duty...

Sword of honour scene


"The Sword of Honour trilogy contains the best of Waugh's comic genius but also something deeper and more profound. As a study of a nation and its people at their hour of greatest crisis, the novels are unsparingly honest and clear-eyed. Portraying the utter stupidity, absurdity and blind chance of war and conflict,they are without doubt the finest British novels to have come out of World War II." William Boyd, Director

"[This is Waugh's] journey through the war to find honour. But there is no honour in war or death....It's also a love story. Waugh was married to somebody who left him, he never got over it and I think this trilogy is his exorcism. It's an extraordinary piece and very funny as well, a very black comedy." (excerpt from article)

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