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the wrong hands header

There’s always been something strange about Graham Sinclair and it’s something to do with his hands. Nobody knows exactly though so everyone just thinks he is weird, including the police and even worse…. girls. Then something happens that means Graham is suddenly hailed as a hero. A plane crashes and Graham rescues a baby from the rubble and a whole train of media pursuit comes into action in the form of the glamorous and questioning, Jennifer Slater. Detecting that Graham has a secret she intends to find out what! But what will be the consequences to Graham if he reveals his secret?

Nigel Richardson draws on his own experience as a journalist in writing this remarkable debut novel and considers the influence that the tabloid press has on its readership. However, it’s also an adventure story and a tale of heroism, deceit and the potential consequences of a media hyped society with elements of magical realism thrown in the mix.
Graham is a very likeable character despite his imperfections and will appeal to teens and adults alike. It comes as no surprise that this book was amongst the top 5 books of 2005 voted by the Sunday Times.


About the author

Nigel Richardson was born in the Midlands, grew up in Yorkshire and Sussex and now lives in south-west London. He is the author of two previous books, Breakfast in Brighton and Dog Days in Soho, and has also written several plays and a drama series for BBC Radio Four. Nigel worked as the deputy travel editor of The Daily Telegraph for thirteen years.

Adapted from:

About the book

Nigel's novel, The Wrong Hands, was published to critical acclaim - an astonishingly readable, yet powerful and original story.

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The Wrong Hands (US edition)
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excerpt 4
excerpt 5 excerpt 6

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Other covers for The Wrong Hands

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The Wrong Hands
(British paperback edition)
british paperback 1
bristish paperback 2

The Wrong Hands
(British hardcover edition)
hardcover 1 hardcover 2 hardcover 3 hardcover 4

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The Wrong Hands, the audio book

The 6-CD audio book, which features Euan as a narrator, was released on August 8th 2006, buy your copy now on from !


“Part thriller, part fable, The Wrong Hands has elements of magic realism reminiscent of Skellig and a teenage narrator with the kind of ingénue voice that marked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. . . . An intriguing read.”—The Sunday Telegraph (London)

“Hugely entertaining.”—The Independent (U.K.)

“Sharp and knowing and funny.”—The Sunday Times (U.K.)

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Official site


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Audio File magazine The Wrong Hands audio book review (includes a nice line on Euan)

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