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2006 obie awards header
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About the OBIES

The Village Voice OBIE Awards were created soon after the inception of the publication in 1955 to publicly acknowledge and encourage the growing Off Broadway theater movement. The Voice OBIES were purposely structured with informal categories, to recognize those persons and productions worthy of distinction each theater season. The OBIE Awards are an important part of the Voice's long history of championing Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway productions.

2006 winners

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Euan's award

Euan performed at Birdland on the same night as the Obie awards ceremony — May 15th 2006 — and his award was announced before he arrived. It was presented by Phyicia Rashad who the fans may know as the mother on The Cosby Show. The text read:

"Clothes make the man, we can all agree, but it’s comparatively rare that those clothes include ribbons, lace, floor-sweeping skirts, and a very saucy bonnet. And somehow the actor wearing them managed to convey the character of the pert lady’s maid who wore them and the lonely man underneath the bodice. For making drag not a drag at all, but a poignant and comic delight, the judges have voted an OBIE to Euan Morton’s untawdry turn as Molly in Measure for Pleasure."
Very special thanks to Gail at


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