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london's burning header
First aired as a one off in 1986, this action drama follows the firefighters of Blue Watch B25, Blackwall, London.
This drama series shows the on duty action of a group of firefighters, as well as incorporating fearsome pyrotechnics and cold sweat stunts it also shows melodrama-ish dwelling on the crews off duty domestic problems.

Jack Rosenthal's telefilm about members of a London fire crew was broadcast on ITV on 7th December 1986. The success of the film led LWT to turn the concept into a series. Retaining most of the characters from that film, the first episode of the series was originally shown on ITV on 20th February 1988. The series is filmed all around southern counties, not just London, though the real life fire station used is just a bit down the Thames from Tower Bridge, on Mosely Street. A full scale reproduction of the 'mess' is housed at the studio on Jacob Street, opposite Dockhead Fire Station.

london's burning best of london's burning the movie


ITV’s Blue Watch Keeping Cool with ADVERC BM Ltd.
LWT's Blue Watch Keeping Cool with ADVERC BM LTD. Since it first hit our screens in 1986, London's Burning has been one of the most popular drama series ever screened. Nick, George, Sicknote, Pearce, Jack and Recall have become household names, giving the public an insight into some of the situations and dilemmas regularly experienced by fire fighters, with the kind of authenticity and honesty that makes the series totally gripping.

london's burning

Series twelve has seen the introduction of three new characters, 'witty Irish biker Hyper', a new station commander John Coleman and lady killer Ronnie "Hi - Ho" Silver. Filming any kind of drama is a costly business, but London's Burning has made a name for itself with its ever more spectacular stunts and visual effects. This in turn has generated some pretty amazing facts and figures, for instance...
Series twelve called on 130 firemen for the first episode, and used eighty thousand gallons of water - that's the same number used to put out the two biggest fires in London in 1999. Episode 5 cost £25,000 to film by recreating an underground rescue in a tunnel under the Thames. The plot called for the tunnel to be flooded, only for the Thames to flood naturally, nearly creating a real life disaster! The series consumed 10,000 gallons of kerosene, employed 700 firemen, sunk one luxury yacht and crushed thirty cars.
The London's Burning team try to ensure that the situations that you see, and the equipment used is as close to the real thing as possible. Blue Watch's fictional fire fighters depict the kind of life threatening situation where the right equipment is essential.

london's burning

The fire engines used in London's Burning are provided by Volvo Truck and Bus Ltd, with Adverc battery management systems fitted on each, and, if you look closely, Adverc stickers in the corner of the windscreen, ensuring that Blue Watch will never miss a shout.
The Adverc Battery Management system fitted to Blue Watch vehicles ensures that on board batteries are always 100% charged, and that they can achieve a rapid and complete restoration of battery charge, as opposed to 60 - 70% using conventional regulation. The Adverc system gives 2 - 4 times more available battery capacity, whilst charging 2 - 3 times faster, and without 'forced feeding'.
Adverc systems can significantly improve both the performance, and the life span of batteries and, more importantly, eliminate many logistical problems resulting from improperly charged batteries, of vital importance in an emergency situation.
Adverc BM Ltd are proud to supply Greater Manchester Fire Brigade, London Fire Brigade and other brigades, and look forward to the continued success of London's Burning.

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Euan in series 12 episode 9
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