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updates archive 6

December 26th 2005

updated articles
added Measure for Pleasure page
added audio recording of the Brundibár reading at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre

December 14th 2005

added info about Euan's forthcoming debut solo album.
updated articles (includes a link to an audio report on Brundibár, hear Euan sing !)

December 5th 2005

updated articles (info on a new play with Euan !)

December 4th 2005

added official press release on Euan's forthcoming concert at the Signature Theatre !!
updated Professional Photographs 4
updated press quotes
updated articles

November 27th 2005

updated pics of Euan in Brundibár
updated the Brundibár page with scans of the Berkeley programme (includes rehearsal notes)
updated Fan Pictures 11
updated press quotes
updated articles
added info about Taboo in Japan !

November 19th 2005

updated articles (includes a link to Brundibár pics)
updated press quotes

November 16th 2005

added professional photos of Euan at Town Hall !
added pics of Euan in Brundibár !!

November 6th 2005

updated articles
updated press quotes
added 2 audio files from the Town Hall concert !

October 30th 2005

updated articles (added scan of a Japanese article + various links)
updated press quotes
updated Professional Photographs 4

October 8th 2005

Euan to star in Brundibár !!
updated articles
updated the shop page

September 28th 2005

updated the shop page (added info on the forthcoming Dracula CD !!)

September 26th 2005

updated articles
updated Professional Photographs 4 (Broadway Unplugged 2005)

September 16th 2005

added info on Euan's forthcoming appearance at the Broadway Unplugged concert on September 19th !

September 13th 2005

published info on Euan's concert at Town Hall on October 22nd !!!

September 11th 2005

updated the shop page (added scan of the Broadway Unplugged CD cover)
updated articles

September 2nd 2005

updated the shop page
updated press quotes

August 17th 2005

updated press quotes
updated articles
updated Caligula page
updated workshops section

July 12th 2005

The Jamie deRoy show with Euan will air on July 26th, details here.
updated articles
updated Fan Pictures 10

June 30th 2005

Euan will be on TV on July 3rd, details here.

June 27th 2005

added photos of Euan at Jamie deRoy & friends
added photos of the Hair Benefit Concert rehearsal
updated Professional Photographs 4

June 9th 2005

updated Approaching Zanzibar page
added pics of Euan at the Hair Benefit Concert

June 4th 2005

updated press quotes
updated the shop page
added photos of Euan at Jamie deRoy & friends
added full audio clip of Euan's performance at Rosie's Broadway Belters !

May 30th 2005

added photos of Euan at Jamie deRoy & friends
updated articles

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